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पुस्तकांचं गाव- भिलार

डोंगरदऱ्या पालथ्या घालून दमलो आणि पर्यटनस्थळ फिरून, तिथली गर्दी पाहून कंटाळा आला म्हणून यावेळी शांतपणे एखाद्या जागी छान वेळ घालवूया असं मी ठरवलं होतं. शांत पण छान जागेचा माझा शोध महाबळेश्वरजवळच्या भिलार या पुस्तकांच्या गावी येऊन थांबला. माझा प्रवास सुरु … Continue reading

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Strength Through Solidarity- Evaluation Training, Uganda

Strength Through Solidarity (2017) project was recently concluded at Uganda and I was fortunate to attend the evaluation training phase of the project. Project STS was born from a desire of grassroots change-makers living across distant places to connect with … Continue reading

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A factory with 1/4th of the workforce as mentally challenged people!

The Census 2001 has revealed that over 21 million people in India are suffering from one or the other kind of disability. Among the total disabled in the country, 2.2 million people are mentally challenged. In spite of a 3% … Continue reading

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Cashless India- Solution to get rid of black money!

Mobile payments are a top investment priority for banks. In fact, the world’s biggest banks continue to focus most of their announced IT initiatives on mobile financial services (including payments) and online banking. Mobile wallet providers are emerging as mini … Continue reading

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Funding and Startup Valuation Bubble

‘Funding’ and ‘startup valuation’ are buzz-words these days. With funding of millions of dollars, valuations of many newborn companies have crossed the mark of  one billion dollars. Amazon is pumping $3 billion in Amazon India, Alibaba is investing in Paytm … Continue reading

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लेझीम खेळणारी पोरं (Lejhim Khelnari Pora- Marathi Play review)

Director and Set Designer: Abhijeet Zunjarrao ( Writer: Sanjay Krushnaji Patil Cast: Neha Ashtaputre, Durgesh Budhkar, Rahul Shirsat, Ketan Fad, Roshan More, Sonali Magar, Babu Aavade, Darshana Rasaal and Shreyas Meshram Music– Viraj Zunjarrao Lights– Jaydeep Apte Presented By Abhinay, … Continue reading

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लोकांच सरकार नावाचं रसायन भलतंच बुवा अजब असतं! गरिबाला झोपडी नसताना यात राजकारण्यांच महल असतं! जातीधार्मातला सरकार मिटवू पाहत भेद, कास्ट सर्टिफिकेटच त्याला भलमोठ छेद! anti corruption मोहिमेतही होत इथे करप्शन, काळ्याचे ‘पांढरे’ करण्याचे बरेच सरकारी ऑप्शन! अंगात खादी, डोक्यावर … Continue reading

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