How to crack TISSNET?

TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) has earned recognition as an institution of repute from different Companies, Ministries of the Government of India and various State Governments, as well as international agencies such as the United Nations, and the non-government sector, both national and international. The Master’s degree program in Human Resource Management offered at the TISS (now at Hyderabad also) remains one of the most sought after and prestigious programs in the field of HR in India.

As a student of HRM, I take the opportunity to make TISSNET preparation simple for you which will be beneficial to applicants of almost all courses :-).TISS_Logo The selection of candidates for different programmes happens in two stages and has three components of assessment. All candidates appear for the National entrance test (TISSNET). Based on the performance in the TISSNET examination, only short listed candidates are called for the Pre Interview Test (PIT). In this post I’ll focus only on entrance exam i.e. TISSNET. Difficulty level is not that great as TISS wants students with no exposure to have the equal chance too (but this results in very high cut-offs). Typically aspirants have to attempt 100 questions in 100 minutes. From last few years there is no negative marking and three sections are there-

1. English Proficiency (30 questions)– This section has RC passages with most questions being direct. Besides RC, logical arrangement of paragraphs, vocabulary based fill-in-the-blanks, analogies, sentence correction, essence/summary of a paragraph are the kind of questions that have traditionally appeared in this section. Keep daily habit of reading something related to different fields. E.g. Education, Politics, Biology, Economy, History, etc. Identify the crux of the passage, mark important words and refer dictionary for unknown words. Try to improve reading speed. You can go through other sites which will give you break up of questions according to different category. But searching/reading too much info isn’t that useful, just keep in mind these inputs and FOCUS ON STUDY!

2. Maths and logical reasoning (35 questions)– Practice commonly asked topics like Venn Diagrams, Ratios and Proportions, time and work, quadrilaterals, numbers, averages, profit and loss, mathematical series, percentage, permutation and combination, DI, visual reasoning, etc. Refer RS Agarwal or any other notes with average difficulty level. Calculation speed is the key! Learn tables, squares, cubes, fractions, etc. You can expect 5-7 difficult questions in this section.

3. Most important- General Awareness (30 questions)- This is where many of the top percentile getters of other exams fail! Forget TISS if you don’t improve your GK! TISS really wants to have different blood in the institution and they make it sure through this section. Earlier the questions used to be predominantly from the field of Social Sciences only while they cover concepts from a wider range of topics now but there is a common trend in the kind of questions being asked. I hope they don’t change the pattern after reading this blog ;-).

From last few years around 15-20 questions are being asked on Static GK– longest-biggest-highest type questions, states-dances, arts, culture, books & authors, laws and rights, constitution of India and recent amendments, important organizations (founding years, HO locations, heads), government schemes, etc. Also go through basics of history, geography, science and economics.

Remaining 10-15 questions are based on news from last 8-10 months (Current GK)- Recent Mergers & Acquisitions, obituaries, socio-political appointments, sport persons, important sports/events/tournaments and their slogan-logo-locations, budget, elections, awards, etc. After reading this you might think it is too much to go through all this but believe me it is important and helps a lot during ANY interview. You just need to keep making note of anything relevant you read in a smart way. E.g. create separate word files for above topics and keep adding information regularly. For other GK topics just Google- list of M&A/ obituaries/ Sport events, etc in the year so and so…

Take as many mocks as you can, solve old TISSNET papers, it will boost your confidence. Don’t be overconfident because of easy nature of paper. Don’t search/ask for cut-off! Your target should be terribly score high! Practice will give you understanding of the required speed, strong and weak areas. Keep reading newspapers like Indian Express/TOI and ET. Keep adding one liner news in your word file, Google around those news to memorize important info. Daily reading will help you in getting comfortable with social issues, forming opinions, changes in laws, HR and other development related news. This helps in GK section as well as PIT because you get just a month to prepare for PIT and you have lot to read! (and interviews of other B-schools in between).

For question papers, GK and PIT related  material visit-

For official info-


About Mukesh Bhavsar

Mukesh has done BE Civil from Mumbai University and masters in HRM from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). He has worked for a couple of NGOs in India and abroad. He has also written for some newspapers and magazines on different social issues. Mukesh is interested in entrepreneurship, writing, social work, travelling, and photography. Follow him on twitter-
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91 Responses to How to crack TISSNET?

  1. सोगले नियुक्ती उल्हास अश्विनी says:



  2. Ankita says:

    Hi Mukesh, You said to appear for more number of mocks, any particular test series focused on TISSNET you know of?

  3. Jo K says:

    Hi! Mukesh, If you see this message I hope you could help me find my right path. I thought of attempting TISSNET this year for (2018-19) session, for the course of HRM. What study material should i read in this short span of time so that i could crack this exam ?
    Your help in need. Thankyou!

  4. naitik says:

    Thanks sir. ..If possible
    create a watsapp group.

  5. Sanjeet says:

    Hi. I want to know what was the cut off for Urban Policy and Governance?

  6. Subash says:

    I am poor in english every time I score low in this section. I have being trying it since two years. Can you help on this.

    • Watch videos on how to improve English. Think, read and write in English. Practice with others. Don’t be afraid of the judgement- what people will say. Read English newspaper regularly. There are many aspirants who overcome the same challenge and crack TISS. You too can! All the best.

  7. yashvi says:

    how many people apply for tissnet ?

  8. Salman Saifi says:

    Hello Mukesh

    Could you find out the three best courses in tiss mumbai?
    which is good for me as I am a social science graduate.

  9. anonymous says:

    Hello sir! I have done philosophy (hnrs) from du. I have decided to give tissnet 2017 .i want to pursue M.A in HRM. Are Two months sufficient to crack the exam?
    And is there any alternative rather thn H.R.
    Really need to knw

  10. Rohan says:

    hello sir, i am hoping to get into TISS Hyderabad for MA in Public Policy and Governance but i have no idea what books to be referred for the pre-interview test, i.e., subjective type paper. Any help from you would be appreciated. Thank you!

  11. Kimberly says:

    Hi Sir, I’ve graduated this year and aspire to write the TISS paper in Jan. I would like to apply for an MA in Psychology.
    Do I have enough time in order to prepare for the same? What is the difficulty level for the Math and Logical Reasoning part of the paper?
    I’m a little concerned as i haven’t touched math for the past 5 years. Would I be able to successfully attempt this paper through dedicated effort?

    • Your willingness to put dedicated effects gives you the required answer. Even if you start now, you have enough time to prepare for the exam. Maths and English questions aren’t that difficult. Focus on GK as it had 40% weightage in TISS NET last year. For maths practice problems from then solve some tougher problems. For more tips follow my blog dedicated for TISS aspirants – all the best!

  12. samar says:

    Hi mukesh I have 4 years of experience in IT sector,is my age and experience is good for tiss or I am too old for this,please let me know i am very confused on this.

  13. Aman says:

    Hi Mukesh,
    Myself Aman, I am pursuing my BBA 2nd year from BIT Mesra Ranchi. First of all My doubt is my 12th marks i.e. I passed out from NIOS and I have selected both Hindi and Maths as my optional subject but at last I failed in Maths but Passed in Hindi with an overall percentage of 80.4. Would it be causing any problem if interviewer see my back in maths as mentioned in my 12th marks certificate? Secondly,I want to test myself in TISSNET 2017 would i am eligible for it as I’m in 2nd yr now? And atlast,Does working experience is highly needed for pursuing MA HRMLR course frm Mumbai/Hyderabad campus. N pls suggest me some tips for clearing Essay/PIT.
    Please reply soon.

  14. yashwanth says:

    Hi Mukesh sir,

    I have completed B.E in Electronics and Communication in 2012 and currently working in TCS from the past 4 years. i am aspiring to TISS for 2017 for the course either development studies or the Social entrepreneurship. Kindly help me by answering the below queries.

    1) Since i am from Engineering background and already having the 4 years of IT exp, will my change of getting into TISS is reduced ( as background is different)
    2) How much time is sufficient to prepare for the exam from the scratch .Since i came to know about the exam very recently.
    3) Is it worth as doing the MA in TISS compared to MBA from B- Schools.

    Waiting for your prompt replay , Thanks a lot.

    • 1. No. You just need to justify ‘why TISS, why xyz course?’ questions properly. There are many engineers in social work courses.
      2. It depends on the preparation of candidate. It is better to start asap but 2-3 months of dedicated preparation is good enough to crack TISS.
      3. Yes. For more details Google the ranks of best institutes to study HRM in India 😉

      • Shalini Sharma says:

        Hello Sir, I have a similar case as this one but i am not able to decide which course would be best for me to pursue after B tech and IT experience which might add value to my career. I am interested in social work and really enjoy sharing my learning and experiences.

      • Go through the content of different courses available on website. Decide what you want to do in life then apply for the course which will take you there.

  15. Vakya says:

    Hello sir..Iam a UPSC aspirant..I want to pursue masters in tiss Hyderabad. Can you tell me the courses which are helpful for UPSC ? And also do I get enough time to prepare for UPSC while studying at tiss simultaneously ?

  16. Sai says:

    Hello Mukesh,
    I have completed my B.E in CSE in June 2015,
    since then i had done some courses related to my field and have been working for 6 months now. My academic scores in my grads are not all that good, nor do i have any strong achievements, however i fit in for the eligibility.But now I am left with only5 months for TISSNET exam and a great desire to crack it. Will my background completely ruin my chances to crack it, even after working har?.

    • Your scores can’t hold you back if you meet the minimum required qualification. Prepare well, crack TISSNET then worry about the next step. 4-5 months is sufficient time if you study well. For more details read and follow-

  17. just saying says:

    Hi Mukesh,
    Thanks for helping out wth some really useful information. Would like to know if there is some sort of coaching which can be done for tissnet? I want to pursue M.A. in tiss. Please help.

    • Some classes provide coaching for TISSNET but most of them focus on CAT, CET, etc. There is no need to join any coaching class if you study wisely. For detailed guidance you can follow-

  18. AL says:

    Hi. I am interested in studying in Tiss, I graduated in 2015 in civil engineering. I took a drop to prepare for MBA exams. I got selected in some but couldn’t crack the interview in some and for others I withdrew payment. Will this affect my chances if I take two drop years. Also is it ok to apply for more than one program ?

    • Considering everything I’ll suggest you to start working and prepare for exam simultaneously because management education makes more sense if you have work experience. If you justify it good enough then gap shouldn’t be that risky. Till last year it was allowed to apply for max 3 programs of TISS.

  19. Hi Mukesh,
    I am a aspirant of TISSNET 2017, and through it I want to join school of social work (tiss), so can you please tell me is there any different pattern for this or same like M.A HR and what are the expected cutoffs for this program or is it also same as M.A HR.
    please help me.

    • There is a common entrance test for all the courses but cut off varies as per the course. Kindly contact students of respective courses for cutoffs. I don’t have idea about cut off of courses other than HRM.

  20. palak says:

    thanks for helping us ….it is really helpfullllll thanks again….

  21. Manoj says:

    Hi Mukesh i have done my MBA in HR(2012-14) ,am i elligible for TISS,is it worth doing,if i cracked exam ,in interview how to defend double MBA, question,will it help me in landing a good job,Please guide me i am in dilemma

  22. Manoj says:

    Hi Mukesh, i have done my MBA in HR from NITK from 2012-14 batch,but i am not having any good job,neither happy, I am planning to appera for TISS MA HR, am i elligible, if i clear exam,what are the chances of getting rejected in interview and most important questions , is it worth doing 2nd MBA? Please guide me , i am in dielemma

    • About eligibility of double Masters please check with TISS helpline and registrar (numbers and email available on TISS website). Spending 2 years studying is a big cost plus not earning in those 2 years and fees makes it very expensive affair. Usually students are called in 1 as to 10 is the proportion for interview so probability of getting rejected is 9/10. Second MBA can be worth but it depends on lot of factors like what you want to learn, if you reach the particular institute which will add value or not, personal responsibilities, long term plans, what kind of offer you get in placement, etc. I think you should not lose hope about utility of your current MBA. You should keep reading good business magazines, find what is going to come next in HR, make yourself distinctive in the field of HR and then do some intelligent job shifts rather than repeating Masters in HRM again. All the best!

  23. Tubbie Dususow says:

    hi. please provide some tips and techniques for filling up the PIT form and guide to prepare for the PI.

  24. could you shed some light on summer pacement at hyderabad campus??

  25. Sir, currently I am pursuing B.A. Economics Hons with Maths from Maharaja Sayajirao University. But after 12th I have 2 years gap due to certain reasons. Will this affect my admission in TISS Mumbai HRM and LR.

  26. vivek pandey says:

    Hi Mukesh,
    My name is Vivek Pandey I prepared for the CAT this year but I am really focused about TISS MHRM and I don’t find TISS NET to be a problem for me , but what really bothers me is the PITs, I wanted to know about the pattern of PIT whether it will have essay type questions or questions from QA, logical reasoning and english language or both? as its mentioned on website (FAQs) that “those who clear NET then they will be called for PIT/PI ii) Except Mumbai Social Work programmes all other programmes have a written test the format is to write an essay in an descriptive form to a set of questions from given case study focusing mainly on social, socio-economic, socio-political issues at the micro- as well as macro-level. Besides, for some programmes, the written test includes logical analysis and reasoning with figure etc. and simple mathematics”.
    Thanking you in anticipation

  27. ayush says:

    good day sir,
    i want to study Ma in devloment science . what will be the questions is common test for others master programns

  28. vihan says:

    How is placement scenario of ma in rural development and governance in tiss Hyderabad

  29. Poorvi says:

    Hello,it would be of great help if you could share the previous year question papers as soon as possible.

  30. nikhil says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m an aspirant of MBA in HR and I’ve learnt that MA from TISS has a great market value. I’m applying for this TISSNET 2016 and I have a query regarding the course selection.
    Which courses offered by TISS apart from MA in HRM are significantly closer to MBA ? Which courses should I consider selecting other than this while filling the form ?

  31. Trishala says:

    Congrtas on cracking TISS Mukesh. i had a query regarding my work ex. I graduated in July and took my year off for preparing for the entrances. Will that affect my chances of getting into TISS?

  32. Priya says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks for explaining about TISSNET in a nutshell. Really worth appreciating.. I had a query about the criteria of applying to various courses in TISSNET.. I have a work ex of over 4 years in the IT industry. Am I eligible for applying to the course of HRM and LR in TISS? Please suggest..

  33. Trishala says:

    hi. i have a query regarding my work ex. i graduated this year and i am currently just preparing for the entrances. will no work-ex cause my chances of clearing TISS to go down?

  34. Ankit says:

    Please share some previous years TISSNET papers.

  35. Sharfuddin says:

    Please let us know the difference between HRM at hyderabad campus and Mumbai campus.
    Is it a better option to come to hyderabad for HRM or go to SCMHRM(symbiosys).And your experience at Hyderabad Tiss campus

    • HRM at TISS Hyderabad is in first year that’s why infrastructure improvement is in progress but there is a plan to develop a campus on a 100 acres land! Any institution is known for the faculty, its philosophy and value created by its alumni so don’t worry about infra. We had very good faculty for subjects like labor law and understanding economics. Many more Industry experts are going to come in coming semesters and share their experience with us.

      If you think of ROI, alumni base and future benefits TISS will be better than any other HR school in India.

      And I am sorry if I start writing about my experiences it will become another blogpost. I would suggest you to crack exam first and then think about other things because that’s the only thing that matters at the moment!

  36. thanks a ton!!!! i was so much confused but u hv shown me a direction now…:)

  37. gopal agarwa;l says:

    Mukesh Bhavsar
    Can you please provide the tissnet papers..??
    If you have found some free time, it would be of great help.
    Thank You

  38. Priyanka says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    Really thanks for putting all those bits and pieces into a sensible writing. I admire the way you have presented the info.
    It would be truly nice if you do put the previous year paper , pattern folllowed and your valuable tips for preparation as exam is approaching :-).


  39. Shreya bhawsar says:

    Hello mukesh
    COngrats for ur selection in TISS.
    Could you please specify, some basic details of placement of this HRM programme.
    And as TISS gives MA certificate, so whether it will create some problem while filling up form for any other examination, as only MBA are asked for HR not MA ?

  40. sayandeep banik says:

    Thanks a ton Mukesh for helping Aspirants.

  41. ritbhalla04 says:

    Hi. From where can we get pas year exam papers ??

  42. Pooja says:

    Thanks for being so specific…
    Your suggestions are really heartening… Thank you so much 🙂

  43. deepak says:

    great input for aspirants!! thanks

  44. chaitali vedak says:

    thanks for this blog. it helped. i hope to get into TISS too. anyway thanks 🙂

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