Yaro chalo again…

1 train…

Travelling 8000kms in 15 days…

On the journey unique of its kind…

With 450 young people from all over India…

Who chose different paths but have the same destination… making this world a better place!

And yes this is Jagriti Yatra 2012, and I am on the way to travel around length and breadth of India again with 450+ young enthusiastic people coming from different walks of life. Being a yatri I enjoyed and learnt alot in 2010, lets see how I do this time as a Jagriti Yatra Team member (We call it ERC-Engine Room Club).

I can see the same enthusiasm which I experienced in 2010 and 2011 yatra. I am very sure that if we consider the enthusiasm and capacity of moving intellectual brains around the world. You would certainly give 1st rank to Jagriti train! On the very first day Gauri made everybody perform on ‘yaro chalo’. It was funny to do moves on ‘Ganganam Style’ and end up relating those with ‘yaro chalo’. She catched the nerve of yatris and everyone enjoyed her unique style of performance and Jagriti Geet written by Prasoon Joshi.

Jagriti Yatra inaugeration ceremony (TISS, Mumbai) Photo- Mukesh Bhavsar

We started from TISS, Mumbai with introduction of Jagriti team members, some dos and donts during yatra. We had our first role model- Mumbai Dabbawalas with jet presentation by Mr. Raghunath Medge. He has thrown light on working methodology of Dabbawalas and their proud of getting six sigma and all.

On the other hand behind the stage Yatra team really worked hard for days and nights to make this event happen. The whole program is meticulously planned and almost all minor things are taken into consideration. From things like mineral water, doctors, stretchers, security, fire extinguishers to minute thing like hangers! People were busy in yard to equip train with PA facility, electrical, LCDs, Bathrooms, etc.  Some were busy in preparing for dance to performed at the time of inaugaration, crowd management team was usually sweating like every year and making heavy bags moved to the right place, while I am having fun working with Panel Discussion team. Keep reading blog and visit my facebook profile for more updates 🙂


About Mukesh Bhavsar

Mukesh has done BE Civil from Mumbai University and masters in HRM from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). He has worked for a couple of NGOs in India and abroad. He has also written for some newspapers and magazines on different social issues. Mukesh is interested in entrepreneurship, writing, social work, travelling, and photography. Follow him on twitter- https://twitter.com/mukeshbhavsar88
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