Mid Phase Review (GX)

Our journey began at a dark and deserted train station in Tilonia, where we took a surprisingly nice train to Ajmer. We feasted on masala dal but then had to battle our way off the train through a rather unpleasant crowd at Ajmer station.
One overnight bus journey later we arrived at our budget hotel in Jhodpur, and began sessions the next morning after a breakfast of aloo parathas and curd.

We had sessions on our volunteer placements involving cake, so everyone was happy.
Then we had lunch and a session on host homes, with star performances from Chelsie and Charm as news readers.

We then went to a childrens’ shelter and got a bit emotional while singing songs. Afterwards we had a relaxing evening out at an ‘English Pub’ and then had a good night’s rest, ready for our team dynamics session the next morning.

After a day-long session on team dynamics on Sunday, we had an exciting mastermind-style quiz on living counterparts, with our guest host, Nitin V George!
Then we went out for a team meal at a local restaurant.

Our final day was spent at Mehrangarh fort doing sessions on CADs, committees and feedback. Then we had a look around the fort and admired the view of the beautiful city of Jhodpur.

We rushed back to our hotel for lunch and then to the bus stop for the long, sad journey back to the village.


About Mukesh Bhavsar

Mukesh has done BE Civil from Mumbai University and masters in HRM from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). He has worked for a couple of NGOs in India and abroad. He has also written for some newspapers and magazines on different social issues. Mukesh is interested in entrepreneurship, writing, social work, travelling, and photography. Follow him on twitter- https://twitter.com/mukeshbhavsar88
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