First snowfall… and words of wisdom…

It may be very small thing for some people but it gave me great pleasure… I have experienced first snowfall today. There are some small but beautiful things which matter a lot in our life still we run in rat race to get something big… When you are child you wish to have your own bicycle… When you have one, you want bike… When you get bike you want to own a car… and this never stops! And after some ups and downs you understand… you tried so hard, got so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter!

After getting some of the things which I was dying to achieve, sometimes I strongly feel sad for missing some very small things… When I am thousands of kilometres away from home I realise how wonderful it was to spend the whole day with family…

Here there are lot of things happening for the first time in my life… Today I have experienced snowfall for the first time in my life… It was really ultimate feeling. There was snow on grass, road and everywhere… Everyone was driving slowly and carefully. I was fully enjoying it whereas some of my UK friends were thinking why the hell is this happening? Then I thought will I enjoy it in similar way if this happen to me again and again? and I think why not to???

I think Steve Jobs nicely said that we should follow our interests and give our best to enjoy every moment. I hope I don’t repeat mistakes when I go back to India.


About Mukesh Bhavsar

Mukesh has done BE Civil from Mumbai University and masters in HRM from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). He has worked for a couple of NGOs in India and abroad. He has also written for some newspapers and magazines on different social issues. Mukesh is interested in entrepreneurship, writing, social work, travelling, and photography. Follow him on twitter-
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One Response to First snowfall… and words of wisdom…

  1. Salil Dilip Pol says:

    good thought. it is sometimes important to break free from the ‘prescribed by destiny’ chain of activities and thoughts and look around to experience the beauty of the world. because in the end material possessions and ‘happiness’ have no relation at all. I am glad you enjoyed your first snow fall. I had the very same experience. it indeed is a fantastic experience 🙂

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