Mastani Samadhi (Grave)

I came to know that Mastani’s grave is 20 min away from my workplace and I jumped in my chair! It is always great fun to visit such historical places. Mrs. Kusum Choppra who is studying about Mastani from long time told me that this grave may possibly be of her daughter in law Mehram Bai.

Mastani was born and bought up in Bundelkhand. She is daughter of great king Maharaja Chhatrasal. Her one Mahal is in Chhatarpur district. It’s in Dhubela 15Km away from Chhatarpur town. One museum is in Dhubela and beside this Mastani Mahal is there where she lived. An original mahal shifted to ‘Kelkar museum’ of Pune is also must see place when you go to Pune.

Current situation of Mastani’s Samadhi (Photo- Mukesh Bhavsar)

The tragic love tale of Mastani and Baji Rao-I पहिला बाजीराव is a popular example of composite culture of India. Many have attempted to narrate it but no one has done it better than the late D G Godse (द ग गोडसे).

Bajirao ardently desired that his son by Mastani be invested with the sacred thread and be declared a Brahmin. But even the powerful Bajirao could not get the orthodox Pune brahmin priests to agree. With a heavy heart he had to bring up the lad as a Muslim. Renamed Shamsher Bahadur. Kashibai took Mastani’s six-year-old son Shamsher Bahadur (also named as Krushnarao) into her household and raised him as one of her own. Shamsher grew up into a formidable warrior and fought in the Third Battle of Panipat in 14/1/1761 against Ahmed Shah Abdali Durani, alongside his half-cousin Sadashivrao Bhauand his half-nephew Vishwasrao, Nanasaheb’s son. Shamsher Bahadur, barely 27 at the time, lost his life along with Sadashivrao Bhau and Vishwasrao in that battle. Shamsher Bahadur’s son, Ali Bahadur, ruled over Baji Rao’s lands in Bundelkhand, and founded the state of Banda, Uttar Pradesh.

According to popular folklore, Mastani committed suicide after hearing about Bajirao’s death in 1740, by drinking poison from a ring which she was wearing. Others say that she jumped into the funeral pyre of her husband and committed sati. No documentation is available to confirm the actual cause.


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Mukesh has done BE Civil from Mumbai University and masters in HRM from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). He has worked for a couple of NGOs in India and abroad. He has also written for some newspapers and magazines on different social issues. Mukesh is interested in entrepreneurship, writing, social work, travelling, and photography. Follow him on twitter-
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3 Responses to Mastani Samadhi (Grave)

  1. MILIND EKBOTE says:

    I had a passion to see mastani kabar and after I see I felt that she is there and the love of Bajirao and mastani is real love and people not accept. I strongly feel in Maharashtra we not able to maintain the historical places as other states , as the matani mahal at pabal is not now there. let hope not as it is in condition we have to maintain all historical places for the next generations.

  2. wahed Shaikh says:

    I have been there recently at Pabal The Historical department or somebudy like Gram Panchayat had taken efforts to renowate the Mastani kabar happy to see that but it looks like a Movie effect recently released bajirao Mastani….

  3. Impresions of Mastani at pabal is memories of bajirao peshwa. I had seen the gadhi in pabal it was like a fort but all thing is ruined. A kabar of mastani is there. it should be protected renewed. a bajirao mastani trust going to reconstruct all memories of bajirao & mastani goventment & historical department should help them.

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